Eviden: Empowering Clients with Digital Integration in a €5bn Startup

Eviden, a division of Atos, is a startup with a unique background and mission. It is designed to facilitate digital transformation for its clients, focusing specifically on digital integration. With a dedicated team of professionals and a wealth of resources, Eviden aims to become a leader in data-driven, trusted, and sustainable digital transformation.

As the Global Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Eviden's Financial Services & Insurance Consulting business, Daniel Sinni is enthusiastic about the company's goals. Eviden's name itself reflects the concept of evidence, curiosity, and building, which aligns with the company's vision.

Despite being a startup, Eviden possesses substantial resources, including a €5 billion budget, around 60,000 employees, and over 2,100 patents. This gives them the capability to address the challenges associated with digital transformation, particularly in the area of digital integration. Sinni takes pride in being part of such a venture and is confident in Eviden's ability to guide clients into the next phase of their digital journey.

Thursday, 07 December 2023