The Key to Innovation Success: Insights from Trust Payments' Alison Conway

 Alison Conway, Group Head of Corporate Development and Strategy at Trust Payments, believes that even though fintech has gone through a turbulent period, it remains innovative. Trust Payments specializes in resolving payment dilemmas and has a global platform connecting over 50 banks to support multi-acquirer processing, as well as its own merchant acquiring solution in the EU,

Conway stated that the market volatility affects consumer confidence, and in times of ebbing confidence, winning trust becomes even more important. Despite the recent economic turmoil, Conway remains positive and says that she always encounters startups that she hasn’t met before, and there is still a demand for innovation and growth. Conway is part of the judging panel for FinTech Pitch LIVE, which is a competition to find tools that are revolutionising the industry.

She is looking for sustainable growth and revenue drivers rather than companies that are latching on to the latest trend. Finally, she acknowledges that there is still a need for cash in the world, and it is easier to manage finances with cash.

Tuesday, 03 October 2023